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Proudly Serving All of Texas 24/7/365

Licensed & Insured

 We’ll Meet or Beat Any Competitor’s Like-Kind Offer*

Texas Storm Damage Restoration & Clean Up Company

24/7 Storm Damage Restoration & Cleaning Services

When severe weather strikes, the damage can be overwhelming. At Renew Restoration & Cleaning, we provide 24/7 storm damage restoration services, ensuring comprehensive care from initial cleanup to final repairs. Whether it’s roof damage from a hurricane or water damage after a flood, our expert team is equipped to handle every aspect of your restoration needs efficiently and effectively.

Roof Repair, Tarping and Restoration

Storms can cause significant damage to your roof, resulting in leaks and structural vulnerabilities. Our roof repair services include detailed inspections, emergency tarping, window boarding, and complete repairs. Using top-grade materials and skilled craftsmanship, Renew Restoration & Cleaning ensures your roof is not just repaired but fortified against future storms.

Storm roof damage repair company

Tornado Damage Restoration

Tornadoes can devastate properties, leaving behind a trail of destruction. Our tornado damage restoration process involves a swift, thorough assessment followed by immediate debris removal and structural repairs. We focus on quick stabilization and restoration to minimize disruption and restore safety to your property.

Hurricane Damage Restoration

Hurricanes bring intense winds and heavy rainfall, causing extensive damage. Renew Restoration & Cleaning specializes in hurricane damage restoration, offering large-scale cleanup, structural drying, and all necessary repairs. We address every detail of the damage, ensuring a thorough recovery and restoration of your home or business.

Hurricane damage repair company
Professional Mold Clean Up Services Near Me

Water damage is a common consequence of storms, leading to potential mold growth and structural issues. Our water damage restoration services are comprehensive, including advanced water extraction, drying, and mold remediation. With Renew Restoration & Cleaning, you can trust that your property will be thoroughly dried, cleaned, and restored to pre-damage conditions.

In the aftermath of water damage, preventing mold growth is crucial. We implement proactive mold prevention strategies, including the use of antimicrobial treatments and moisture control solutions. We ensure that your property remains not only restored but also resistant to mold and other moisture-related problems.

Mold prevention, mold removal, mold clean up

Why Choose Renew for Storm Damage Restoration?

Immediate, Round-the-Clock Response

Disasters don’t operate on a 9-to-5 schedule, and neither do we. At Renew Restoration & Cleaning, our teams are on alert 24/7, ready to respond to your emergency the moment it happens. Whether it’s late at night or during a holiday, our rapid response ensures that your storm damage is handled quickly and efficiently, reducing further damage and accelerating recovery.

Expertise in All Facets of Storm Damage

With years of experience and a deep understanding of the challenges posed by different types of storm damage, Renew offers specialized services tailored to each situation. From roof repairs and water extraction to complete structural drying and mold prevention, our skilled professionals use the latest technology and methods to ensure the highest standards of repair and restoration.

Complete Service from Start to Finish

When you choose Renew, you choose a partner who will be with you from the initial damage assessment through to the final touches of restoration. Our full-service approach means you won’t have to deal with multiple contractors; we handle everything, including cleanup, repairs, and preventative measures, providing a seamless, hassle-free experience.

Commitment to Safety and Quality

Your safety and the integrity of your property are our top priorities. Renew Restoration & Cleaning adheres to the highest industry standards, employing certified technicians who are committed to delivering quality workmanship. We use environmentally safe and sustainable practices to not only restore your property but also protect your health and the well-being of our planet.

Transparent Communication and Support

We understand that dealing with storm damage can be stressful. That’s why we prioritize clear, transparent communication throughout the restoration process. Our team keeps you informed at every step, explaining the work to be done and providing updates on progress. We are also here to assist with insurance claims, helping you navigate the complexities of filing and processing claims to ensure you receive the coverage you deserve.

Local Expertise, National Standards

Renew Restoration & Cleaning combines the personalized service of a local business with the professional standards and capabilities of a national provider. We know the specific storm challenges in our community and bring global best practices to every job, ensuring you receive superior restoration services that meet both local needs and national expectations.

Storm Damage FAQ

Interested in more information about our Commercial & Residential Storm Damage Service? See if your question is below.

What types of storm damage can be restored?

Storm damage restoration services cover a broad spectrum of needs, including repairs from roof and structural damage, water extraction and drying, mold remediation, and rebuilding services following hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe weather incidents.

How quickly can services respond to an emergency storm damage call?

Emergency storm damage restoration services are typically available 24/7. Rapid response teams aim to arrive promptly to mitigate further damage and start the restoration process immediately to minimize property loss and ensure safety.

Are technicians in storm damage restoration certified?

Yes, technicians in this field are generally certified and trained in the latest restoration techniques, adhering to standards set by industry-leading organizations to ensure knowledgeable and effective handling of all types of storm damage.

What methods are used to prevent mold after water damage?

Preventing mold growth after water damage is crucial. Restoration services typically involve advanced drying and dehumidification techniques to remove excess moisture thoroughly. Antimicrobial treatments may also be applied to affected areas to inhibit mold growth and ensure a healthy environment post-restoration.

Can storm damage restoration services handle large-scale commercial projects?

Most professional restoration services are equipped to manage both residential and large-scale commercial projects. At Renew, we handle any project of any size from top to bottom. We utilize extensive resources, advanced technology, and a skilled workforce to address extensive damages caused by storms in commercial settings.

How is the quality of storm damage restoration services ensured?

Quality in storm damage restoration is maintained through the use of high-quality materials, employing advanced technological solutions, and adhering to detailed restoration processes. Thorough inspections and client walk-throughs post-restoration ensure that the work meets all expectations and standards.

If you’re facing storm damage, don’t wait. Contact Renew Restoration & Cleaning immediately. Our team is ready to respond 24/7, providing expert restoration services that cover every aspect of damage. Call us today or reach out via our online form to get started on your recovery.