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Proudly Serving All of Texas 24/7/365

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 We’ll Meet or Beat Any Competitor’s Like-Kind Offer*

Animal Waste

Animal Waste Cleaning Services

Many people view their pets as part of the family and they are a big part of their lives. However, pets can create situations that are harmful to their owners and others around them, including themselves.

Encountering a situation that involves animal waste happens to even the best pet and home owners. You should never let any type of pet feces or animal waste remain and contaminate a space.

The best solution to an animal waste issue is to call a professional service that specializes in animal waste removal and cleanup. 

Potentially harmful viruses and bacteria can infect the space if not properly treated … causing health issues for pets and owners alike. 

Have an animal waste issue?

Call Renew Cleaning and Restoration today for full service animal waste cleaning services!  

Animal Waste Cleaning Services Texas
Animal Waste Removal Texas

Animal Urine Cleaning

Urine causes many issues, not limited to the odor created, that lingers in the air, with the potential of penetrating surfaces and items in your home. 

Urine releases ammonia, which can affect even healthy individuals and can lead to respiratory issues. 

At Renew Cleaning and Restoration, we get your home treated to ensure that it’s safe and clean with out animal urine cleaning services.

Rodent Waste Cleaning

Like other types of waste, if rodent droppings are left lying around it can impact your health. Dangerous pathogens can be found in rodent waste, including viruses that can be fatal to humans. 

These pathogens can be air-borne, contaminating your space and lowering air quality. At Renew Cleaning and Restoration we use specialty products to ensure a thorough clean. Our technicians are trained and well-versed in rodent cleanup and disposal services.

Animal Waste Cleanup

Waste Cleanup Services

Each incident involving animal waste is unique. 

While some jobs can be considered an easy cleanup, others are more intense. 

We will review the severity of the situation and evaluate the next steps to take. In some cases, when the situation calls for it, we remove sections of floor, drywall, carpet, or other extremities/fixtures that were affected. 

Once the Animal Waste Cleaning Service is completed, Renew Cleaning and Restoration will ensure that your home or business is clean and free of contagions, and everything is ready for you to relax comfortably and safely.