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Proudly Serving All of Texas 24/7/365

Licensed & Insured

 We’ll Meet or Beat Any Competitor’s Like-Kind Offer*

Crime Scene Cleanup

After a crime has occurred and the police vacate the premises, you shouldn’t have to clean a potentially traumatizing and dangerous scene. If there are bodily fluids or other materials present these can potentially be very harmful and a professional crime scene cleanup crew should be enlisted for help immediately. 

Bodily fluids, especially, can be dangerous to the touch but should they linger in a space they can become airborne and cause health risks to those in the general vicinity. Other substances used in police intervention (such as fingerprint dust or tear gas) can also create a risk and compromise the structure or contents within. 

Privacy is of the utmost importance to us in a situation like this, and it is our mission to get your home or space safe and clean, as quickly as possible. 

Police cordon tape lies on the ground in a small amount of blood.
Army soldier in gas mask spraying a gas cylinder in front of him

Tear Gas Cleanup

Tear Gas is a toxic substance with a residue that sticks to everything within its vicinity. This residue is hazardous and if the scene is not properly cleaned and decontaminated, health risks may ensue. 

Your skin may become irritated and, in more severe cases of exposure, damage to your heart and liver may occur, as well as problems with motor function, and respiratory issues. 

Call Renew Cleaning and Restoration to restore the safety of an area contaminated by Tear Gas, today!

Fingerprint Dust Cleanup

After a crime occurs, whether you think you need a professional cleaning service or not, individuals often don’t know the impact of fingerprint dust. You should not try to clean fingerprint dust yourself. It can leave behind residue that stains surfaces permanently if not professionally cleaned and treated. 

We caution individuals from trying to remedy the situation themselves, due to lack of knowledge on the proper cleaning techniques for removing fingerprint dust. Our team is made up of professionals who know the correct process for removal and are able to do so efficiently.

After a crime, police may leave behind several substances that are damaging and potentially harmful to a space and the individuals that occupy it. If your home, business, or other property has been affected by a crime call Renew Cleaning and Restoration to help bring it back to normal. 


Forensic expert search fingerprints on a glass shelf

Day or Night

Renew Cleaning and Restoration understands that situations like this can arise at any point in the day. We pride ourselves on our efficient response to whatever the situation. If you find yourself in need of professional cleaning services after a crime has occured, we are here to help 24/7 on any day of the year.

Blood Cleanup

Blood is a biohazard and should be cleaned properly and completely by professionals. Blood can contain various diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B or C, Staph Infection, and other diseases including STD’s. These diseases have the potential to become fatal if not properly treated and can be life altering, even in the best case scenario.

Extreme caution should be used when cleaning a scene involving blood. It’s also why you should call Renew Cleaning and Restoration to handle this problem for you.