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Proudly Serving All of Texas 24/7/365

Licensed & Insured

 We’ll Meet or Beat Any Competitor’s Like-Kind Offer*

Medical Facility Maintenance

Health care professionals know better than anyone else that an essential part of a business is to maintain a clean and sterilized workplace. They consider this essential for the health of the patients, staff, and all visitors.

At Renew Cleaning and Restoration we are trained professionals who understand that medical facilities need to maintain a clean environment to ensure the health and safety of all individuals present. 

Our team is familiar with all areas where pathogens are easily transferable. Accordingly, we build a plan to disinfect and reduce cross contamination. We use only hospital grade disinfectants to limit the spread of germs. 

We are also trained to safely remove and dispose of biohazardous materials commonly found in medical facilities, and we ensure thorough disinfection of areas where such hazardous materials have been present.

  1. Blood and bodily fluids.
  2. Contaminated medical equipment and supplies.
  3. Infectious waste, such as used needles and syringes.
  4. Soiled linens and clothing.
  5. Tissue samples and cultures.
  6. Sharps containers and biohazardous waste containers.
  7. Spills or contamination from pathogens and infectious agents.
  8. Contaminated surfaces in patient rooms or treatment areas.

In addition, we provide everything from medical facility cleaning/maintenance to air quality improvement. Trust Renew Cleaning and Restoration with the cleanliness and safety of your medical facility.


We’re happy to provide cleaning and disinfection services to keep your business clean and sanitized. Keeping a clean space isn’t just good for an individual’s overall physical health but their mental health as well. A tidy space will keep productivity flowing.

Infection Control

Pathogens are a threat to your health and regular disinfection and cleaning is a necessity. Trust Renew Cleaning and Restoration to keep your property free from contagion. 

Our experts have professional training in infection control and are available whenever your property has been contaminated and needs attention. We have intimate knowledge of the areas where viruses and bacteria cultivate and how to thoroughly clean surfaces to remove residue and film.