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Proudly Serving All of Texas 24/7/365

Licensed & Insured

 We’ll Meet or Beat Any Competitor’s Like-Kind Offer*

Air Quality Control Company

Air Quality Monitoring Services

We spend a lot of time inside. There are a lot of situations where homes or businesses become dangerous to inhabit due to buildup of hazardous material. Mold and Asbestos can be causes of poor air quality and are issues that should be addressed by professionals, as soon as they are discovered or suspected to be present.

We provide professional testing for indoor air quality. Identifying the problem and restoring the safety of your home.

Air Quality Monitoring
Texas Mold Cleaning Services

Duct Cleaning

Your air duct can become clogged by a variety of factors and needs to be cleaned out when buildup occurs. Some signs that your air duct needs to be cleaned are: you notice weak air floor in your home, filters get dirty fast, your vents look moldy or dirty.


Dirty air ducts can lead to issues with your health and severely irritate an individual’s asthma or allergies. Cleaning your air ducts reduces the allergens in your home that can cause illnesses like sinus infections or bronchitis. 


It can also lower your electricity bill because your system is no longer overworking itself and its lifespan will increase. Saving you time and money. Call Renew Cleaning and Restoration, today!



Asbestos can cause serious health complications for people who live in or frequent locations where it is present. Asbestos can present itself within a structure if previously used for insulation before its effects were discovered. People may have noticed asbestos fibers when replacing or removing appliances. These fibers can take residence in your lung tissue and lead to serious ailments including lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma. 

Asbestos removal is a job that should be done exclusively by professionals who have been trained to remove the fibers safely. Known asbestos in a location where people work or live? Call Renew Cleaning and Restoration for a Air Quality Control consultation, today!

Texas Air Quality Services

Mold Restoration

Mold should be dealt with safely and efficiently. Mold can spread quickly through your home, in less than three days, which can affect your health and damage your home.

At Renew Cleaning and Restoration we respond to your situation quickly. Our professionals are trained to deal with properly identifying the source of water causing the mold and restoring your home while working to be the least disruptive we can be.

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